Menu Plan Monday 7/11/16

I wrote my entire blog post on paper because well.....

a.  I was working {waiting for an infusion to finish with nothing else to do} and they frown on using the computer for personal use {honestly, the program was broken and I forgot my tablet at home}
b.  Sometimes I like to write using real pen and paper....quite cathartic.
c.  Physically drawing a line through stuff on a paper list makes me smile.

and...I didn't turn my computer on not once after I got home from work.  I was too busy doing all the stuff I had put on my paper list.  I was able to get a lot crossed off....but I won't bore you with all that.

Last week I didn't post a plan but I did eat at home.  I am patting myself on the back that I didn't let my baby Ty Ty talk me in to eating out more than the once we planned for lunch on Saturday.  And speaking of Ty, his hair is purple right now....some sort of thing when he heads to camp for the summer.  I love his creative spirit and willingness to go all in....I learn something new every day from that boy.
This is what I ate last week....snacky {is that a word} foods only
Honey Roasted Tomatoes, Italian spiced ground chicken Crostini bake

My restaurant meal.  I am in love with this salt and pepper tofu dish!  So much so that I'ma probably order this frequently as take out.

This week's menu is coming straight from the frig and freezer......all chopped, mixed, and stirred by me until my poor lil hands just about fell off :)
Have a great week and don't sweat to death out there.

Sunday-Grilled chicken tenders with Southwest Marinade, roasted green beans, broccoli salad

Monday-Creamy mushroom pasta with seasoned ground chicken, red pepper, and onion

Tuesday-Peanut butter waffles, scrambled eggs with veggies and cheese

Thursday-Meatloaf {freezer meal}, twice baked potatoes {freezer}, green beans

Friday-?? Something easy

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