Works Well Under Pressure is my Byline

Over the weekend, I got some stuff done!  I squeezed every minute of Sunday morning almost to death with like a weird, stupid focus that I sometimes get when I want to get in the pool and I know I have adulting to do and a tropical storm is headed our way and we are in for days and days of rain. So here is what I accomplished in five teensy, weensy hours in my house.

  1. Drank coffee, set the pot for the next day
  2. Watched the rest of the movie I fell asleep on the night before
  3. Cleaned out the frig and freezer
  4. Unloaded the dishwasher
  5. Took the grapes off of the stem for storage
  6. Chopped onions, peppers {two kinds}, strawberries, peaches, mushrooms, tomatoes, cilantro, and grapes
  7. Made honey roasted tomatoes
  8. Roasted peppers
  9. Made peach, raspberry, strawberry yogurt/ice cream/waffle topping.
  10. Made up lunch yogurt jars for work
  11. Packed my lunch
  12. Washed two loads of clothes and one delicate cycle, folded and then put them away
  13. Ironed four outfits for the work
  14. Made meatloaf for freezer
  15. Made hamburgers for freezer
  16. Made this marinade, then put half on three breasts in the frig to defrost and four breasts back in the freezer for next time
  17. Straightened the bathrooms, bedrooms, and living room
  18. Watered all plants
  19. Made two types of crostini
  20. Loaded the dishwasher
  21. Took out the trash and the can to the road for pickup tomorrow
  22. Made one pound of ground chicken taco meat--at least three meals for me.
  23. Got ice for the cooler {this was on the way to the pool but I'm still counting it as a task completed}
All my chopped items except the peaches and raspberries

Honey Roasted Tomatoes

Quick fruit topping as it was cooling but still steaming quite a bit

The topping made two lunch yogurt cups and two full cups to use later

Southwest marinade for the chicken breasts

Yum, crositini with olive oil and herbs

Taco Stuffed Potatoes
The taco meat is underneath {made today}, and the potatoes are from the freezer.

I surprised myself....