Wednesday List

Today I'm unexpectedly off from work due to the low volume of patients.  Normally I don't work on Wednesday's but the other nurse in my office is on vacation and we cover off time for each other.  So I thought I wouldn't be home today to do anything.  Golly gee I'm happy so......

I am gleefully sipping coffee and lazing on the couch...well, until I finish this list and then feel obligated to carry out my plans.  And as a side note, I have an owl who thinks it is his personal mission to alert me {right outside my bedroom window} of the impending dawn of the day, starting at about 4:30 am.  And just for curiosities sake......Do people eat owls? really?

Last Night's Dinner--Out of the frig and ready in less than 5 minutes
Grilled chicken salad with bruschetta topped with honey roasted tomatoes

  1. Grocery Store
  2. Cold Laser Seminar
  3. Color hair
  4. Clean up the house
  5. Dollar Store for laundry stuff
  6. Cook a few things...I'll post an update
  7. Research the icehouse
  8. Water all the plants
  9. Lowes for plants on my porch?  Maybe
  10. Check my email and favorite blogger posts

That's all I'm planning on today and "who" {blankety, blankety owl} knows I might not even finish these!

**UPDATE-I called it...had a slacker bone yesterday.