Freezer Cooking Success

Freezer cooking pays off in droves after a busy work day or if you just aren't up to cleaning the kitchen after said work day.  A few months ago, I made Tex Mex Enchiladas{one dish to eat, and one to freeze for a son} I liked the enchiladas and they were really flavorful, but for my wimpy palate, the spice was a little much {will adjust the heat on my next go around} when I cooked them initially.  I had intended for my college boys to take the frozen dish, but they kept forgetting to grab it out of the freezer when they were visiting.  So....yesterday, I didn't want to cook or clean, and when I opened the freezer the dish just called to me.  I wasn't really starving {decreasing the risk} and I decided that I would pop the frozen dish in the oven and take a chance that the end result would be edible.

It was.

As a matter of fact, the frozen enchiladas were better than the original.  What started out as a dinner I thought very well could be headed to the trash bin turned out delightfully.

Bake casserole at 350, starting in a cold oven, for 1 hour covered and 15 minutes uncovered.  Allow to rest for 5-10 minutes prior to serving.
Top with sour cream and serve with a side salad of pre chopped {on the weekend} ingredients {another secret to a great weeknight meal}.