Strawberry Icing, Lemon Coconut Custard Pie, and More Review

Cooking for One is HARD.
I started off the week doing pretty well with making portion size reasonable for one person but by the end of the week I was delivering sweets and leftovers to my Dad's business for his employees to enjoy.  Hopefully they don't tire of being my culinary guinea pigs.

This is bacon, green onion, and Gouda quiche...use any combo of ingredients you want.
My absolute favorite quiche recipe.

Turkey Taco Meat with Herdez Verde Salsa


Re-run for the taco fixin's, I made The Pioneer Woman's Twice Baked Potatoes for the freezer.  Added a little of the meat on top and then some pre chopped green onions {from my weekend chop fest}.  I also was able to freeze at least one other meal worth of the meat.
{Heck, I might get two meals from my freezer stash}

Okay, let's get real here...until about six years ago, I thought all sweets were evil.  This fallacy perpetuated by an unrealistic desire to be stick figure thin caused my baking skills to become severely stunted.  Combine my lack of skill in the bakery department with a family of boys that don't care for "fruit" sweets {my absolute favorite} and let's just say that I'm still developing my....ahem...shall we say my consistency in that area.  I refuse to give up.
The strawberry cake recipe I made was just okay...I need some practice in determining whether the cake needs to cook for five minutes or just two minutes was a little over done.
Now the icing....well, I have to say, I've got that part d.o.w.n.
My own little twist of adding about three quarters of a cup of homemade strawberry jam to the cream cheese icing was jam up.
{the cheezy pun was on purpose *snort laughing all by myself*}

Spicy Sausage Pasta is a delicious weeknight dish made even easier if you use the weekend to chop all the vegetables that are required.  I used what I had this time so beef broth, havarti, and half and half made their premiere in this dish.  The result was so good that I'll be changing my version of the recipe to include these items.  I also didn't add the half and half until the pasta finished cooking.  The residual heat allowed the dish to absorb the excess liquid and by adding the dairy at the end, the sauce was like silk.  An absolute family favorite any way its made.

 Lemon Coconut Custard Pie
I made this pie with unsweetened coconut chips and I loved the flavor and truly it couldn't have been much easier.  Add everything to the blender and mix for about a minute...pour the mixture in the pie shell and bake for one hour.  I had some leftover filling, as you can see in the background of the sausage skillet, and poured the remainder in an oven safe dish baking it along with the pie.  Serve this  either chilled or warm from the oven, and honestly I think I prefer the taste at room temperature or hotter.  All in all... Easy Peasy.
Even though I loved this, I have a few improvements for my tastebuds the next time I make this.
1.  Pre bake the pie crust. {that was an option in the recipe}
2.  Add way more lemon juice {I used fresh}