Menu Plan Monday 4/18/16

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The knife sounds were heard around the world, lol.  I spent a lot of time chopping and preparing for this coming week over the weekend...yes, again rained all day Saturday and with nothing better to do, I took advantage of the inside time and well you guessed it, chopped.  I also ironed, did laundry, read a book, straightened stacks of papers, and searched for misplaced paperwork.  

Oh, and by the way, {just for the accountability} the personal moratorium on exercise is over.  Taking a yoga class and the resulting soreness on day two convinced me that this body needs to move more, like a lot more.  Initially health challenges were my reason for missing my early morning standing appointment with the gym and then life and laziness took over. Lots of excuses, with a few good reasons {those of which honestly kept me sidelined for at least a year} thrown in for good measure.  

I'm not making making any long term plans or a big deal out of the "exercise" thing.  Treating these classes as a standing appointment will keep me showing up at least until I start to see/feel the positive side effects.  

I hope....and that's where I'm at this week.

Happy Sunday Funday :)

My Carryover List of Possibilities for the Week
and a few NEW links too.

I did eat at home last week...every take out, no restaurant dining, I pinkie promise swear.  I made the Cabbage Slaw and Pork Chops on Monday and every other day was a version of leftovers and one easy homemade pizza.  Just as well, I probably wouldn't have had a spare second to pack up and deliver the extras that I made. 

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