Easy Cherry Pie Bars

Easy Cherry Pie Bars are exactly what the name of the recipe implies...easy.
Using up ingredients that have been in my pantry and baking cupboard{for longer than I like} are of paramount importance in my season of life.  I had planned to pipe the icing over the entire dessert but I was waiting, then waiting, then waiting some more, for these bars to cool off and I really wanted to be sitting by my friend's pool in the beautiful Florida sunshine.  Especially since it was Sunday Funday.  I made it work though and as soon as the top cake was cooled, I took creative license to make my very own, never seen before, fancy schmancy flower/tic-tac-toe design.  Waiting until the entire dish was ready for frosting would be ideal, but sugary frosting is sugary frosting, regardless of placement, right?
The tart sweet that is cherry, made me fall in love with this pastry at first bite.  I'm more of a "cooker" than a baker but I'm practicing and trying to perfect a few sweet dishes {see my attempts here, and here}.  I'd like to blame my dessert shortcomings on my lack of a convection oven and other people's lack of good taste :) but truly... my skill set isn't up to par....not yet.  
Regardless, these bars are ones that I'm pretty sure will make it to the short list of desserts I would feel comfortable sharing with anyone.