Cabbage Slaw with Kiwi, Almonds, and Pork Loin

The grocery store was full of things I wanted to buy....that I don't really need.  The age old budget buster of a this purchase a want or a need? One deal that I couldn't didn't pass up though were the BOGO boneless pork loin chops.  I usually prefer bone-in center cut chops that have a little more marbling....but you know, bathing suit season and all.  Brining the pork for even a short period of time {30 minutes} results in a flavorful juicy chop that is a perfect health conscious choice when paired with roasted vegetables {last night's meal with no pictures, sorry}.  Leftovers are perfect when added to this recipe that lends itself to open interpretation.  I didn't have any apples so substituting under ripe kiwi for crunch and tang in place of the apple made complete sense to me as did swapping chopped leftover pork chops for chicken. Anticipating the need for "re-run" pork chop recipes, I also searched and found some interesting ideas on what others have done in the past. Always on the prowl for leftover for one calls for a fair amount {like, a lot} of ingenuity.

The dressing had a delightful creamy flavor that wasn't gloppy and didn't cause the slaw to lose its crunch.  As a matter of fact, I took a bite at lunch the next day and the vegetables were still crunchy; the flavors even more pronounced.  This salad could be varied in any number of ways and still be utterly delicious.  My new summer obsession.