Menu Plan Monday 3/2116

my cute little dwarf sunflower

I'm cooking by my design for my next few meals as my delivery service is still on hold for a little bit. Ty was home this last week and to be honest we kind of skipped out on the meal thing.  He was at the beach for a few nights and I decided to eat leftovers rather than making a mess in the kitchen and after Thursday, well, any serious idea of cooking went to hell in a hand basket. Theoretically there could be some carryovers but I'm not thinking that will be the case.  Like I said in last week's menu, I'm craving fresh vegetables, and grilled the very least I'll be eating a big dinner salad at least once.  The weather insists on becoming chilly {in Florida, in March...oh the nerve of Mother Nature} for Monday and Tuesday, like lows in the 30's, say what?  I think my grill will have to wait a few days for some action.

Sunshine and spring flowers are headed my way...hopefully.

Meal Ideas:
Taco Skillet Pasta
Chicken Lazone
Citrus Skillet Shrimp
Pan Roasted Chicken with Dijon Mustard Sauce and Brown Rice
Seared Steak with Roasted Succotash
Huge salad with leftover meats and cheeses

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