Menu Plan Monday 3/28/16

Easter Sunday was a fantastic day for food around these parts.  To be quite honest, I ate myself silly...literally not eating another bite after lunch yesterday.  We had {all homemade} ham, macaroni and cheese, potato salad, squash casserole, field peas, green beans, rolls, peach tart, Kentucky Derby pie, plum cake, and peanut butter pie.  I ate way more than my share...forcing me to do penance and keep things light for the remainder of the week.

Some meals will be from Hello Fresh while others will focus on using the large amount of dry goods in my pantry.  My goal is to be completely cleared out of "hearty" type ingredients before moving in to the hotter months of the year.  I plan on relying heavily on my grill for the upcoming sweaty season.  Have a great week :)
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Black Bean Lasagna
{Taking a portion to my son}
Green Salad 

Seared Steak with Spring Veggie Succotash and Mint-Chive Pesto

Pan-Roasted Chicken with Dijon Mushroom Sauce and Brown Rice


Pantry Put Together

Recipes to make for freezer/ lunch/ breakfast this week:
Overnight Chia Pudding--some version of this
Homemade Pizza
Ham and Gruyere Quiche