Menu Plan Monday 3/14/16

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I've been ordering from a meal delivery service for the last few months because I wanted to take the decision making and shopping out of the equation when planning and making meals for my dinners. I will admit that I might have a wee problem with controlling myself in the grocery store :o)  I seriously love to grocery shop and have always kept a larger stockpile for the "I feel like being creative and have to make that recipe now" moments but....

I'll let you in on a little secret.

Cooking for one isn't terribly much fun and I'm finding that without someone here to eat my creations I don't enjoy the end result as much.  My solution has been to make things for my extended family but I'm finding delivering stuff is difficult when I'm working early and getting home late. Besides, I'm more of a "cooker" than a baker and some items are better when fresh. *Sigh*  I'll keep working on some ideas to resolve that problem.

Ordering my meals from Hello Fresh has been a fun adventure {that's on hold for the time being},  but now, it's time to save some money and use my cute little grill again.  I'm craving grilled meats, fresh vegetables, and salads at this point in my life {although not this week since I'm using what I have :( }. Spring has almost sprung.

If only I can control myself in the grocery store....

Dukkah-Roasted Chicken with Sweet Potatoes, Snap Peas, and Citrus Sour Cream
Dukkah-Roasted Chicken
To Do:  Nothing....It's Saturday night!

Baked Brown Sugar Corned Beef
Fried Cabbage and Onions
Rye Rolls
To Do:  Put chicken in frig

Easy Thai Baked Chicken. Full of the complex Thai flavours we all love. An easy, make-ahead meal that freezes well too.
Basmati Rice
{make extra}
Green Beans
To Do:  Chop remaining chicken, put turkey in the frig

Korean Beef Recipe -
{using turkey}
Basmati Rice
To Do:  Put sausage in the frig

Green Peas
To Do:  Nothing, eating leftovers

St. Patrick's Day 2012 - Great Plains Communications Blog
Eating Out!
To Do:  ? not sure it may be a beach day.

Leftovers or Snacky Dinner

When I started writing this menu, I failed to mention and frankly forgot that Ty is home for Spring Break.  I'm cooking for at least two this week, Yay {so much easier}.  Next week {and after a grocery shop}, I'll be utilizing my cute little grill....I can cook small amounts easily and quickly and control the amount of repeats I have to endure :)

Have a great week!

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