Chicken Dukkah Review

 I ordered this from my meal delivery service last week and made it in a timely fashion...but I forgot to post my review.  Guess what?  I love, love dukkah seasoning. I even searched the internet for where I could get some, and...Guess what?  Apparently this seasoning was a food craze a few years ago with chefs all over the United States and I was in the dark.  I most definitely watch food tv {probably too much} and pay attention to trends...or so I thought :)
Anyways, I loved the smoky flavor of the seasoning with sesame seeds and thanks to these recipes {hello fresh} I have finally learned to pan fry chicken breasts that turn out oh so yummy {not dry}.  I'm even making peace with sweet potatoes {if roasted and covered with lime sour cream sauce}.
Verdict:  Two thumbs up!