Bone In Pork Chops with Pear, Collards, and Shallot Cream Sauce Review

Yet again, I was hungry, losing light, and possessing no patience in getting a clear, flattering picture of this meal.  Initially, my feelings going in on this one were ambivalence as I have never ever put collard greens on my plate.  Where I come from they are cooked to death with ham hock, hog jowl, or bacon and closely resemble swamp grass when declared done.  Also, while they are cooking the unmistakable but clearly recognizable waft of body odor encompasses your entire household.  Needless to say I have a strong negative opinion of the whole "greens" family.

But...I decided to try them again.
{yeh, I like bone in pork chops, shallots, pears, and cream sauce..this was a Hello Fresh meal}

To my honest surprise greens are not the devil.  The flavor is earthy and when paired with the shallot sauce that has yummy chunks of cooked pear in it I can almost say it was good.  I have another chop left over with a good scoop of the greens on the side waiting to be eaten in the frig.  Are greens a leftover thing?  If they just don't taste good, I'll eat a side of spinach salad with strawberries {yum!} and be happy as a clam.