My Tuesday/Wednesday Get It Done List

Tomorrow I am going to do lots and lots of stuff, but.....I'm not leaving the house, doing my hair, or putting on makeup.  All these requirements mean I have one busy Tuesday ahead of me.  In fact I'm getting my toes done at 5:30 today so everything I need to do needs to be done by then.  Right now I'm feeling like I can do it all but...we'll see since I tend to lose steam as the day wears on.

  1. Decide on a date for Painting With A Twist for my Mom's belated Surprise Birthday Party that didn't happen because she was in the hospital having an emergency appendectomy.  Thank heavens she recovered beautifully with no complications.
  2. Make Mom's cake that was delayed because of #1.
  3. Grocery Shop for basics...I need me some graham crackers! {Tuesday}
  4. Finish Valentine's gifts for kids.
  5. Make work schedule to cover the remainder of the month. {Tuesday}
  6. Iron uniforms.
  7. Finish my book.
  8. Hang my new picture.
  9. Get one general gift card for next Christmas when shopping {yes, I have a new plan for a gift card that can either be given or used to purchase a gift sometime in the neighborhood of November...Tuesday}
  10. Get gas in my car after looking up the cheapest cost closest to me {Tuesday and the lowest is my favorite Kangaroo station}
  11. Clean the front window of my car. {Tuesday}
  12. Take my nail polish off, file and paint nails {Tuesday}
  13. Call a couple of peeps.
  14. Make rice pudding.
  15. Talk to Tan.
  16. Go shopping in the storage unit.
  17. Get ice {Tuesday}


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