My "Get It Done" List aka EPIC Fail List

Yep, best laid plans and all...I did most of my list things....well...minus the baking and of course the shopping.  I decided it wasn't in the cards today to do all that business.  I did, however, get dressed, put on makeup, and leave the house.  So sad...but on the plus side, I got to spend some precious birthday time with my Uncle John.  He turned 80 today and is still as spry as a spring chicken and sharp as a tack.  Don't ya just love all of those southern sayings crammed in to one sentence?  Regardless, those statements are true and he is a gem!

Here is an updated list on what I actually did accomplish and there's always the weekend:

  1. Talked to Tan
  2. Did my toes, and fingernails 
  3. Ironed my clothes {really decided that I have a few uniforms that weren't wrinkled}
  4. Hung my picture
  5. Called a couple of peeps
  6. Got gas in my car
  7. Cleaned out my car and cleaned the front window
  8. Decided on Painting With a Twist Date
  9. Finished Valentine stuff for kids {then promptly ate some of the treats so I'll have to get more}