Brown Sugar Roasted Pork Loin Review

This meal from Hello Fresh was quite tasty.  Keep in mind the blackening seasoning was quite spicy {I usually like that but beware if you are sensitive} and I still don't particularly care for sweet potatoes.  Other types of roasted squash (similar in flavor to me) I like.  Sweet potatoes though....the texture screams that I'm eating potatoes but the flavor tastes overly sweet.  And we all know that I ain't got nothing against sweets for sure!  I was surprised by the brussel sprout mixture and plan to use this idea the next time I make pan fried cabbage.  The cranberries and lemon zest add a brightness to this dish that makes me want to experiment.  Cutting the brussel sprouts stunk though.  Very time consuming.
The best thing about this meal though is that once everything was prepped the meal came together quickly and easily.