Tex Mex Enchiladas Review

I made this simple recipe after watching an episode of Cook's Country on Create TV last week.  I didn't roast the peppers instead using regular chili powder that I already had in my treasure trove of spices.  The main reason being,  I couldn't seem to locate dried ancho chilis in my local grocery store.  I also had to use chicken stock from a box rather than my own that I usually have stashed in the freezer. {I actually had some in the crock pot when I was making this casserole}  According to the instructions the placement of the rolls is important, but cooking for one necessitated I make two dishes instead of one to keep from being overwhelmed by leftovers.  I had serious high expectations for this dish and...well it was truly flavorful but...as far as the "best" enchiladas I've ever had?  I'd say the jury is still out.

With that being said, I have a few personal taste things that I would do differently to put the flavor over the top.  

1.  Roast the ancho chilis.
2.  Use homemade chicken stock.
3.  Don't add salt until the very end.
4.  Use a better corn tortilla even if you have to go to a specialty store.

Basically, use high quality ingredients at every step.  My bad.  Lesson learned.