Pantry ChallengeTartiflette Pizza Review

This is the first recipe of my mid December pantry challenge, an Americanized version of this Tartiflette Pizza.  In my freezer were Southwestern hash browns and in my cheese drawer pepper jack was plentiful.  There wasn't any Brie in the frig, so cream cheese sufficed.  The rest of the ingredients followed the recipe exactly :p

Really yummy...but if I had used the Brie and Swiss cheeses for the topping...I would have elevated this recipe to star status.  This version was an ingenious use of ingredients that otherwise would never have been combined, just a little off in taste and not as much flavor as what I imagine the "real" recipe packs. 
VERDICT:  I ate this for a dinner and lunch, freezing the second pizza for another day.  I'm planning on adding some garlic and cayenne pepper for a little zing on the next go around.  A solid recipe and quick to put together for a weeknight if using a store bought crust.  Add a salad and dinner is done.