Pantry Challenge Corn Dog Muffins

I started an impromptu pantry challenge this week {nothing crazy I might add} and have quickly realized that I have a gold mine in my cupboards, freezer, and frig.  Not realizing this earlier has cost me a boat load of fancy boots and well, just stuff I want.  I think I may have a grocery shopping problem :o)  Even though my refrigerator looks quite empty {to me}, there is plenty, plenty of stuff to eat.  I just have to be creative and eat what I have, not what I want in the moment.

Anyhow, I made corn dog muffins with hot dog chili sauce tonight.  I've seen this recipe numerous times and thought "oh how cute" for kids...but now I'm touting the goodness of this for adults too.  Add some chili, cheese, mustard, or whatever you like on the top to jazz it up a bit.   I served these with edamame for a "healthier" version of a starch {since corn bread is a starch} and besides it's in my freezer.  I'm getting in to the spirit of it all and planning has become a "challenge" that I don't mind participating in.

They look like a bulgy eyeball, but tasty!