Menu Plan Monday 12/28/15

I'm picking and choosing items on my grocery list very carefully this week and in all honesty don't plan to shop until the 30th in order to maximize my dollar at Aldi.  I'm in need of some fresh items and things to pack in my lunch so off to the store I go {even though I could make do for another few weeks if I had to}.  I still have numerous items to use in my freezer and pantry so I'll post my creations as I go along.   After the new year, my social outings are looking to be few and far between as I have some financial goals that I would like to meet by spring, and some trips, and some theme parks, and some home decorating....etc, etc. ;)

It's almost a new year....I'm so thankful.

Baked Panko Chicken
served with Romaine Salad, with Lemon Garlic Dijon Vinaigrette
{all freezer, frig, and staple items thanks to my lemon tree}

{freezer meal}
Leftover Salad

Shopping Day
{I'm using organic ground chicken that I got a stupendous deal on!}
Brown Rice
Roasted Green Beans or Asparagus
Aldi List--freeze dried fruit (new item), fresh veggies, lentil chips, fruit and nut bars, eggs, spaghetti sauce, exercise ball and mat, butter, half and half

Leftovers or Snacky Food

Image result for happy new year 2016
Celebration Party Food!
numerous dippers that won't remotely resemble anything healthy!

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