Menu Plan Monday 11/2/15 and Cooking for One Review

Still grilling here in Florida

Short cut S'mores monkey bread by Ty
VERDICT:  DEE-licious

Pork schnitzel with mushrooms, roasted asparagus and homemade honey mustard sauce, made on leftover {none left} night.
VERDICT:  I absolutely hate the smell of any sort of pan frying but I love roasted asparagus and ate the whole pan}

I cooked quite a few times last week and did fairly well making my old recipes work for one person all I can say is thank heavens for the freezer.
Having it available is certainly a lifesaver when cooking for one and keeps me from eating the same thing over and over and over{literally}. I've been craving my comfort foods which we all know includes cheese and more cheese.  I gave in to that craving and instead of the grilled chicken burgers with fresh vegetables scheduled for Thursday, I made a version of this macaroni and cheese instead.  Chopped deli ham was added and I left out any added salt that I might have mixed in had I not been using store bought chicken stock, cheese and well...the ham.  The seasoning was perfect.  {for my tastes, especially since I added a little dried mustard, and cayenne pepper to the mix}
Now the bad news.  If any of you have made the similar slow cooker recipe then it will not come as a surprise that the result is truly not aesthetically pleasing. {therefore no pictures} The evaporated milk appears to curdle making the dish look like it should be thrown directly in the trash, but don't.   Stir again and then allow the casserole to cool a little. {or you'll burn your face off}  Enjoy with a green salad/ veggie {which I was too lazy to make} or just in a bowl.  I also ate this for lunch the next day and in my humble opinion preferred this casserole after cooling and reheating.

  My plan this week is going to focus on marinated grilled meats and lots of greens.  After eating all of the cheesy goodness last week I'm craving simple, clean flavors.

SATURDAY-Baked Brown Sugar Chicken {taking to a football party}
SUNDAY-Lemony Pasta with Garlic and Capers, grilled chicken breast, green beans, french bread
MONDAY-Taco Baked Potatoes, steamed broccoli
TUESDAY-Shrimp on the BarbieCilantro Rice, vegetable
THURSDAY-Sloppy Joe, green salad

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