Menu Plan Monday 11/16/15 and Menu Review

I've been successful over this past week creating meals that don't have too many leftovers and basically are the perfect amount for small families.  I've also discovered a way to keep lettuce fresh for at least three days {I've eaten every bit by the third day} or heck it might even last longer.  My secret is at least threefold.  First, buy organic.  Not only is the taste better, but the mere fact that it's organic produce seems to play a significant role in lasting longer {at least in my experience}. Second, wash the greens and allow them to drip dry in a colander then wrap in paper towels or even a regular dishtowel to remove as much water as possible.  Next, place a dry paper towel in the bottom of a glass bowl and place the greens on top to allow any remaining moisture to be absorbed.  The last step is to cover the glass bowl very tightly with the plastic wrap.  Remember air is the enemy in this case.  Use as desired to make fresh and crisp salads for as long as it lasts, lol.  This seems to be the only way that I seem to eat any salads {or veggies for that matter} on week nights as I can't stand to pull everything out of the frig or cut up any veggies after work.
One example...
and another.

The ravioli dish below is based on this recipe that I have been making for quite some time now.  I've slowly been making changes to things in my diet that don't sacrifice flavor but are lower in fat. Instead of using pre made Italian sausage in this recipe, I made my own using ground turkey.  When I searched for a recipe the first one I came across was this and...I figured what the heck, I'll give it a whirl.  I've now decided there is truly no need to buy anything but ground turkey or chicken and make my own sausage from now until eternity.  Yes, I know I've already extolled the virtues of these in last week's Menu Plan Monday post {on top of pizza} but....that's how impressed I am with the flavors. Since I only used half of the turkey meat and I was on a cooking streak, I decided to use another recipe to make Breakfast Sausage using the remaining ground turkey.  Of course, I had to 1/4 this one 'cause that was all the meat I had left.  Next time I'll make an entire pound of each. My only substitution for any of the ingredients in the two recipes is using fresh grated ginger in place of ground.  I did that because I'm not a fan of the dried stuff and I don't keep it on hand.  As I've said before, I'm certain that I can freeze both of these {cooked or uncooked} without any problems.
Roasting the asparagus prior to added an entire new taste level to this family favorite.  Recipes are just guidelines you know?

The Grilled Asian Style Chicken would have been great, had my grill not run out of it was I had the meal for dinner and lunch the next day so I wasn't really disappointed.  I liked the marinade and will use again in the future at some point.   I made mexicorn and roasted garlic couscous instead of what I had planned.  Quick and easy!

Saturday morning I made a breakfast burrito of sorts with spinach, garlic, eggs, chopped deli chicken leftover from the week}, and cheese.  Cooking the eggs over low heat makes them so delicious and creamy.

A few of my meals were leftover, but nothing like the last few weeks...thank goodness.  I hope I'll be able to judge portion sizes this week too. The temps have dropped here in Florida {only low 80's for the highs} which inspired me to make, what I think, is a stellar white chicken chili {a healthier version of my usual recipe}.  I'll include the recipe in a later post this week...
Have a wonderful week :o)

SUNDAY-White Chicken Chili, Cinnamon Cake
MONDAY-Coconut Curry Shrimp, Basmati Rice, Fresh Green Beans
TUESDAY-Cooking Club
THURSDAY-Cheesy Squash Fondue, Salad, Baguette
FRIDAY-Homemade Pizza or Take Out

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