Yogurt Treat (+Crunch, - the calories)

My newest {like yesterday} food find was located while I was perusing the aisles at Target only because in my "limited grocery" store they still seem to stock some interesting, aka not found in main stream grocery stores in my town, food items.  I usually walk up and down each aisle...just looking. Sometimes I buy, sometimes I don't.  I had seen these somewhere on the web and they sparked my interest then, and....well since they were in front of me, I bought them.

Over the past month or so my goal has been to eat simple, prepared at home foods, to boost my immune system mainly but also to cut calories.  I subscribe to the theory that anything you make at home is about 1000% better for you than what you can eat in a restaurant.  Still a couple times per year I fall into the eating out trap.  I have to admit that sometimes it's just so much easier to swing through the drive through or go to a restaurant that washes the dishes for you.  I have determined that organization is the key to success! {along with some frozen convenience items as back up}

I digress.

So, I found these freeze dried fruits and bought two packages, one mixed berry the other blueberry and was super impressed.  When added to non fat plain greek yogurt sweetened with a teaspoon of honey, they add the missing crunch usually made with nuts, granola, and chips {chocolate I might add}. The calorie count for the entire package is approximately 140 calories and I will make at least 10 servings {with both packages} of 1/2 cup yogurt jars.  The cost of one package {3-4 ounces} was about $4 which to me is a little pricey.  I found some reasonable options on Amazon with 32 ounces costing between $14-15.

They look like pitiful, sick blueberries but in reality are crunchy and sweet.

VERDICT:  I'm guessing the calorie count in my lunch treat is about 114 calories.  I'm truly not so concerned about the exact count but less can not hurt me especially when the nutritional value is more.  Keeping these crunchy, yummy goodies in my cabinet at all times.