Mexican Pizza Review

before baking
There is something about cheese, especially melted cheese that I just can't get enough of....that's my Achilles's heel for sure.   Needless to say, I loved this recipe!  I have an experiment of sorts going on too...I assembled two extra and flash froze them.  {like an individual sized frozen pizza}   I wrapped them individually in plastic wrap and stored in a gallon size freezer bag.  Wrote some directions on the outside and voila my own version of fast food. {individually sized!}

VERDICT:  Yum. I was missing the green onions and I think that flavor will enhance the overall taste.  I purposefully left off the black olives because they are so salty and so is the taco meat, and so is the cheese, and so are the beans.  It didn't really taste like the fast food version but I liked it and it's something that will hopefully work in the freezer.  I'll let you know...