Cashew Chicken Review

I seriously have to learn to cook for one...even when I made half of this recipe I had enough left over to pack a lunch for myself and a large portion of lunch for my son.  As you can see, I think I went a little overboard with the cashews....I was hungry and they really taste good when toasted.  One thing not listed in the recipe though is whether to use salt or not with the seasonings.  I purchased low sodium chicken broth as I didn't have any {homemade} defrosted from my freezer at my disposal and followed the full recipe sauce directions. {to have enough for the rice}  It took me almost a day to realize that there isn't a need for salt since the cashews {although not specified in the recipe} are roasted and salted and the soy sauce added the required amount for my palate. If this isn't to your personal tastes....season to your hearts desire.  I also doubled the soy sauce and omitted the sherry because I didn't have any in the cabinet.

VERDICT:  I like this idea immensely, super easy and quick to put together, only dirtied one pan, and tasted delish.  Be careful though of the crushed red pepper.  My lunch the next day was seriously spicy after sitting in the refrigerator over night.