Menu Plan Monday 9/21/15

I said in my post last week that I thought I would be mostly grilling next week...and I will....but I also decided to add some make ahead meals for ease y'all.  Cooking dinner every night demands some ease for me.  I'm also working every day next week {I usually work 4 ten hour shifts} which means if I want to stay homemade, I have to do some make ahead meals.  With that being said, last week's menu worked out wonderfully and made me excited about being in the kitchen again.  The only thing I don't like is unloading the dishwasher.

Prepping over the weekend will make sticking to my goal of homemade more realistic.

This is the other meal success I made last week...the flavor from the bay leaf is absolutely phenomenal.  This was made with chicken for Tan and myself and without any meat for Ty.   {aka veg boy}  There weren't any leftovers.  I also added a baby Kale salad because I keep thinking I should like this veg that everyone in the world seems to value but this is one food fad that I can do without.


My Picture--I left the arugula off half so you can see the figs.
Fresh Fig and Arugula Pizza
To Do:  Make manicotti one for me one for freezer, chop vegetables, make yogurt cups, make dough for sausage rolls, put sausage in frig for defrost, put chicken or pork in marinade, clean out the freezer and fix the shelves, shop.

sausage rolls from
Sausage Rolls

My picture using Smithfield Spiral Ham Sausage (reason for different color)

Taking to a sausage lovin' family!
vegetables for salsa marinade
{I'll probably make the southwest one because I have the ingredients}
Grilled Vegetables
{to be honest we will probably eat the pork and chop the chicken for salad, etc. recipes}
To Do:  Chop fruit for the week, chop lettuce, refrigerate beans for salad, roast corn kernels, make dressing.

Corn Muffins
To Do:  Put manicotti in the frig or planned leftovers

String Cheese Manicotti - Easy to stuff manicotti by using string cheese. Weeknight meals don't get easier than this.
Green Salad
Garlic Toast
To Do:  Nothing, Leftover Smorgasbord 

To Do:  Nothing easy night and minimal prep required for tomorrow.

Grilled Smoked Turkey Sausage
Green Salad
To Do:  Put shredded zucchini and ham in frig

Leftover Green Salad

That's a full week for sure.  Since I was really good last week with no desserts....and I have a package of biscoff/speculoos cookies in my cabinet, I'm pretty sure I'll be making this pie!
My mouth is watering.
Have a fantastic Monday :o)
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