Menu Plan Monday 9/14/15

Well. I am. Still. Sick.

In addition to all of the things I mentioned in my other post, I've added an oil that is supposed to assist in clearing my chest's hoping with fingers, toes, etc, etc that it works.  It just stinks that I feel like the bottom of a birdcage, so sad.

It did help that I spent the weekend in paradise.

Thanks to the kindness of these people {My Mom and Dad} xoxo

This week is all about eating for fuel and nutrition and making myself feel better.  Despite not wanting to cook or shop....I'm heading over to the store immediately after work today to pick up supplies {if I go home first I know that's not happening}. My frig is empty.  

Monday:  Rotisserie chicken flats, Green salad
Tuesday:  Peanutty Chicken Pasta {with extra veggies and leftover chicken}, Spinach salad
Wednesday:  Grilled pork chops, Broccoli, oven baked potato wedges
Thursday:  Korean Beef, Basmati Rice, Green Peas
Friday:  Cheesy Lentil Bake modifying it to my family's tastes, Green Salad

  • Snacks are greek yogurt with fresh fruit and local honey {for some immune building} and dark chocolate squares.
  • Lunches will be back to my normal, sliced chicken lunch meat, a few snacking chips/crunchy, and a yogurt.
  • Breakfast will be boiled eggs, or Kind bars this week.

I only plan for the weekdays anymore and I'm trying to decrease the portions I make so that I don't have massive amounts of leftovers.  
I've got my fingers crossed for speedy healing and eating well balanced nutritious meals for the next 5 days.
Happy Monday!
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