I had a long list of things to get done over this past weekend and to my pleasant surprise, I accomplished just about all of them.  I also got to spend time with my boys since they both just happened to be home for the entire weekend.  I think the best thing that occurred though was that I wasn't rushed and I didn't feel pressed for time at. all.  The weather was beautiful and basically the past few days have been stress-less doing for me exactly what a weekend should.

I straightened the pantry...after I donated an enormous amount to the cause.  The veg boy cause, lol.

I straightened the freezer and rearranged the shelves so I can see everything I have.

I'm using my bread machine for lots of stuff...just because I can :)

This recipe was a little in depth for a Saturday night, but....I enjoyed the sweet savory taste immensely.

I can not believe that I didn't take a picture of the southwestern grilled chicken marinade, but I'm thinking it's my new favorite!

I didn't realize how simple and versatile manicotti could be.  I halved this recipe to make two meals for my son and myself.  One dish provided us with a satisfying meal and one meal of leftovers. I made this on Saturday and cooked it on Tuesday evening...refrigerating instead of freezing.  Everything in the dish was cooked prior to assembly so that worked.

I love taco salad. I hate cutting up the veggies, so if we eat this during the week it's always a Monday meal {when I have time for chopping on Sunday}.  The chicken that topped it was incredibly tasty.

My focus next week is to use some of the items in the freezer to make way for some fresher ones.