Committed to least this week :) Menu Review

I may never use "real" peanut butter again for this type of recipe, but I will use less pasta next time.

Always a hit.

Nothing better when it's hot outside.

I'm ditching the pork chops and eating leftovers so no food is wasted.  I had changed things up to use the grill on Friday but vegetarian son will be home on that day.  The last memo I heard from him was  {when I was planning this menu} he wasn't eating any fish or seafood.  He's decided now to add those items back because he's losing too much weight.  I know, what a horrible problem, lol. He's been working out of town for five out of seven days {he's obtained a job in the town where he'll be attending the university in January} and I haven't been able to keep an eye nor offer any advice on his "new" eating style.  He's never been responsible for planning balanced nutrition so naturally there is a steep learning curve.  All this explanation to explain the reason I'm not making pork chops, but I am making the Cheesy Lentil Bake minus the chicken for veg boy on Friday.
We love this one and soaking the lentils is the way to go!
Next week my appliance of choice will be the grill, I'll report results.