Menu Plan Monday 8/3/15

This week's menu is going to be catering to my baby Ty Ty {18 years old :)} since this will be his first week home after working as a sleep away counselor at a camp this past summer.

I imagine a few "set to's" {as a good Southern girl would say} with him regarding the trail of destruction he typically leaves in his wake...but he is my baby and I'm excited to have not only him, but both my boys home under one roof.

Sadly, I have absolutely no review for this week because I didn't get home early enough to want to do dishes, therefore no cooking.  I ate a bowl of cereal, a sandwich, and some noodles as my dinners in the evening and only ran the dishwasher one time. {Thank God I didn't have to unload it!}

This week's menu will be a little {that's my sarcasm font} more labor intensive, {for my weekend} but at least I'll get to eat real food during the week.  It's been raining cats and dogs every day so my options for using my electrical appliances are opened up some since the heat isn't sending my a/c unit in to seizures.....well, not grand mal ones anyway.  We also just had our propane tank refilled and grilling is back on the options list, Yay!  I can make "freezer" grill meals for easy weeknight dinners without much fuss at all. 

My plan is to enjoy these last days of summer because much too soon they will be replaced by shorter days, school routines, cold weather, and runny noses.
I don't know about you, but I need a few more sunsets this year.

To Do List:
1.  Make peach halves with strawberry cream cheese.
2.  Defrost chicken wings, bake, and sauce.
3.  Make pimiento cheese.
4.  Chop fruit.
5.  Make yogurt cups.
6.  Shop
7.  Laundry
8.  Make macaroni salad
9.  Clean out frig.
10. Straighten pantry.

Maybe some other stuff...will have to see what I have in the frig/freezer/and pantry.

SATURDAY-Meat sauce with bucatini pasta, green salad, garlic toast
SUNDAY-Chicken wings with spicy teriyaki sauce, and sweet chili sauce, oven fries.
WEDNESDAY-My Birthday--no cooking!
FRIDAY-Heck if I know! You are probably on your own!

Sunshine and Sunsets...always
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