A sweaty Yeti?

This was taken after approximately 1 hour after filling with ice

Same time frame, other side of the cup.

Taken approximately 30 minutes after filling with ice.

Less than 15 minutes after filling, it's already fogging.

These pictures were all taken inside of my home with the thermostat set at a comfortable range.

I have been using my son's cup with none of these problems occurring, so I know there is something wrong.

And....as any one knows (who knows me), I love, love, love my Yeti Ramblers and my Roadie cooler.  I can in no way imagine why this 20 ouncer isn 't living up to its true potential.  :o(

I'm hoping that there is an exchange program that will result in my favorite cup becoming my favorite cup again and in fact I've received a prompt response from Meghan at the Yeti Company seeking specifics of how the cup isn't performing,
It's nice to deal with a company that is willing to stand behind their product!