Weekly Recipe Review

This week has been a really successful new recipe one! 
 Yay for my belly....Boo for my butt.  
My appetite has returned {unfortunately} with a penchant for sweets like nobody's business.  I even bought some ice cream which is like my least favorite dessert ever, but it's hot and I like the cone part {plain 'ole cake}, a lot.  I guess I'm gonna have to start watching it because I truly like loose clothes and wearing bathing suits on Sunday's.  Nuff said.
On to this week's happenings...

On Monday I came home to the best early birthday surprise ever

Yep, it's a YETI and I'm. So. Happy.
You see, I am an ice connoisseur and this little baby is going to keep my ice frosty for days on end.  In fact, I'm conducting an experiment to see if I can eat all the ice before it melts...I'll keep you posted.  
{so sure you're on the edge of your seat}

After examining and oohing and aahing for a little while, I put the YETI in its honored place in the laundry room and got busy making dinner.  Eggplant Parmesan is one of my favorite quick meals and lets me be a little lazy.  I really love these frozen eggplant slices and usually keep a box on hand for a quick semi homemade dinner.  Just cook the slices in the oven then layer with ricotta, red sauce, and some sort of grated hard cheese and dinner is done.  I didn't remember to take a picture until I was sitting my lazy bum on the couch with my plate in my lap.  It doesn't look good but it certainly tastes good.  I roasted green beans at the same time.  If I'm going to use the oven might as well do double duty.

{worst picture ever}

Tanner went to dinner with his girlfriend on Tuesday but since I had some ground beef that was browned and ready for a recipe, I went off list and tried a recipe that I found earlier in the day.
True Cheeseburger Pizza required a lot of chopping work...and was probably {not really sure} worth the effort I made?  I don't think I'll make the effort again but I ate it for dinner and lunch the next day so maybe...maybe not.

{The sauce is ketchup mixed with yellow mustard}

{pre baked}

After baking, the chopped pickles go on top followed by chopped tomatoes and shredded lettuce that I somehow failed to photograph. 

Wednesday, I worked half of the day and was off for the remainder which gave me some time to bake and cook a creative dinner.
Since I was out of sugar I headed to my local Aldi where I found some other things I "needed". I found reasonably priced peach halves ....so I made a peach salad.
{my Mom's name for this although not sure it qualifies for a salad}

Simply fill the center of canned peach halves with strawberry cream cheese.  Layer lettuce leaves on a platter for a pretty presentation.
{Nope, I didn't do that}

Next, I made another sweet.  Blueberry Custard Pie is simple and plain 'ole good.  So good, I texted my Dad and I'm sending him some to him tomorrow for a snack.

{before baking}

{yep, I ate this before dinner along with a peach :D}

Finally I made our meal inspired by this recipe that turned out really delicious.
I call it Coconut Lime Chicken Saute with Coconut Rice

{Notice the plate color that I'm crushing on this summer}

Thursday I didn't make nothing!  

Friday's meal is going to be a large jumbo salad with lots of stuff in it using up all of the lunch meat from the week or a heated sandwich using up all of the lunch meat from last week's lunch grocery trip.  In retrospect, I cooked a lot of things that were just plain good this week.  But alas, my goal for the next few weeks has to be focusing on "healthy" items and/or moderation.  Eating too many sweets, while strangely satisfying at the end of a long work day,{while watching trashy tv} leaves me feeling bloated and worn out.  I certainly won't be giving anything up....life is too short....but I can modify the amount. {I hope}

  Hope your weekend is blissful ;0)