Weekly Recipe Review

I made this recipe last Sunday for our weekly Family Funday Sunday to go along with the grilled steak that we were having.  Yes, I know that it two main entrees, but for us it just worked.  Not only is this delicious, it feeds a lot of people especially when used as a side dish.  As a matter of fact, I'm making this again for our July 4th party today as it was specially requested by my bff.  {I guess it really was as good as I thought} The only change I made to this dish was to use one half of a rotisserie chicken in place of cooking the breast as the directions indicate.  A major time saver for me!  Here's an easy tip for always having chopped cooked chicken available.  When I go to Sam's or when the grocery store has a special on rotisserie chickens, I buy at least a couple.  When I get home, I de-bone and chop the chicken,, then store flat in 1-2 cup portions using a freezer safe baggie.  By freezing flat it decreases the amount of storage space required and also allows for easy, quick defrosting in the frig.
VERDICT:  Definitely a keeper!

I have had this recipe in my "to make" list for so long and....I put off making it because I kept forgetting to buy the unsweetened coconut when I was in the store.  But....when I made my list last week, I set a reminder in my phone calendar {as an event} and lo and behold I remembered to purchase the last required ingredient.  I am so excited that I finally got this one made because ...yum, yum, yum!
I used Biscoff cookies {on sale at Aldi} for the crust and the mix-in crunch instead of Speculoos brand as we don't have a Trader Joe's locally.  The rest of the recipe I followed exactly.  I have eaten a piece every day since I made this {probably not good for my booty but good for the soul}.  I like the fact that this pie is not overly sweet and has a sort of crunchy texture.  One thing I recommend when making this pie is when browning the coconut watch it closely.  Two minutes was plenty in my oven, in fact, if I had waited 30 more seconds I would have had to throw away the first batch.
VERDICT:  Make this one over and over!

I found this seasoning on clearance in my local Winn Dixie {I don't think I'll be able to buy it there again since it was on clearance} and I'm really glad I decided to spend the money to purchase the seasoning even though it was still a little pricey.  I used two regular boneless, skinless breasts and split them lengthwise into equally thick pieces.  I then used vegetable oil and the seasoning along with salt and pepper to season them.  I allowed the chicken to marinade for about 15 minutes before grilling.  The seasoning is flavorful and jazzes up plain 'ole chicken nicely.  The main benefit of using this blend is that it is freeze dried and will last as long in your cabinet as the usual dried version but the flavor is significantly better...more like fresh herbs.  I used this chicken in quesadillas and on flatbread pizzas this week for lunches and quick dinners.
VERDICT:  Worth the money!

I also roasted some bone in, skin on, chicken breasts that I purchased BOGO packages this week in my local grocery.  I'm going to de-bone them and chop the meat for easy week night dinners.  I'm also going to make some chicken stock with the skin and bones in my crock pot.  Nothing is going to waste this week in my house. :o)

I didn't make anything else new this week as it was....well I just flaked I guess.  So....some of my last week's menu will be showing up on this coming week's menu although I will be sneaking at least one different recipe in to the mix {since hummus was on sale, AND I had a coupon}

happy JULY 4th!
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