Recipe review and what I want to make tonight!

Two days ago, I realized that the ground beef I had purchased on Saturday had basically a very short sell by date and that I should have stuck it in the freezer when I walked in the door from the grocery. 
 I. did. not.
This made my plan for Beef and Hummus Kefta {with pita bread purchased on sale, and hummus purchased on sale etc} plan null and void, so sad. Since I'm thrifty, {cheap} I decided to move on with the menu plan and make Copycat Panda Express Chow Mein to which I added chicken to make it a little heartier.  I just had to defrost one of my chicken packets that I made this past weekend to complete my ingredient list.  Yes, I did have to chop some veggies which took a little time but in all honesty I had this on the table in less than 45 minutes {it was probably closer to 30 but I have a tendency to underestimate so I'll give you the timing with the worst case scenario like you know, you drop all of your chopped veggies on the floor and your crazy dog licks and eats them before you even have the chance to shout 3 second rule and grab 'em.  Errr...don't ask how I know this}.  

It was damn delicious...yes, my attempt at humor and yes, that is the name of the website, lol.
My youngest son {who's working at a summer camp} would have gone coo coo over this one as he loves any and all things that are chinese {his words} in nature.  My oldest son said "hmmmm..good" after his first bite so I figure this one can stay on the rotation of quick easy meals.
VERDICT: Success in the best sense of the word.  Also you can use 2 packages of the dried ramen/yakisoba type noodle if your grocery store doesn't carry frozen ones {mine definitely doesn't}.

The next night I took the pork loin from the freezer {located in the outside refrigerator} and placed it in the frig. {normal operating procedure for me}  After work the next day I removed the package from the frig in order to cut in to chops only to find that it was frozen solid....still.  I'm thinking I might need to lower/up the temperature of my outside frig.  Regardless that messed up my plan for Tuesday and I completely don't even remember what I ended up eating on that day.  Wednesday, I left the house and ran numerous, numerous errands {my only day off this week} and skipped lunch.  I was starving when I got home and proceeded to eat a ciabatta bun with butter, then later, a ham and cheese flatbread while I finished the million things I needed to get done on this blessed day.  Tanner is house/dog sitting again so he wasn't home to sway me more towards a more balanced protein/green veggie meal.  To top it off I ate a rice pudding cup as dessert way past my self imposed cut off time for eating.  Oh, the wild and crazy life I lead!
{sarcasm at its finest :p}

Now that the pork has defrosted, {finally} I'm going to make the grilled balsamic pork chops recipe that has been appearing on my menu for two weeks.  

I also want to make this recipe with the organic strawberries that are already prepped and ready to go.  I'll take a picture of my own to show results, but I am convinced this will be something I want to add to the recipe box for strawberry season.


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