Menu Plan Monday 7/13/15 and Sunday Breakfast

Sunday Breakfast used to be something of a question mark in my household.  Not being a breakfast eater myself, I could never understand the cries of "What's for breakfast?"  and the classic, "I'm so hungry my stomach is going to cave in, Mom...Mom...MOM"  I usually tried to sit very still and not breathe thinking if I didn't answer they might just forget about their bellies for a dadburned hour or two.
{or at least until lunchtime}
That never worked.  The frozen stuff and the cereal stuff never did either.
I finally acquiesced and learned to make some stuff that didn't require a lot of thought and most importantly could:
1.  Be made the night before.
2.  Use up leftovers in the frig. 
Today, I worked my theory and upped the ante to use up some pantry, freezer, and leftover items to make a hearty delicious breakfast that doesn't disappoint for a Sunday Funday Breakfast.

I kinda sorta followed a similar recipe to this however I changed it all up and didn't use scrambled eggs.  So...I guess you can say I didn't really follow any recipe at all.  This step consisted of about 1/3 of a package of Simply Potatoes hashbrowns mixed with approximately 3/4 cup grated Monterey Jack cheese.  They were baked at 375 degrees for 20 minutes.
{next time I will probably up the temp to 400 and bake for 15}

Rather than add the extra ingredients or scramble the eggs {I had another plan}, I decided to make an over-easy version.  Look a double yolk.  Good luck all day long...but of course it is Family Funday Sunday!

TA DA...
The finished product and yummy breakfast consisted of the hashbrown cups, the remainder of the hashbrowns cooked in the usual way {I didn't want to waste all of them if this was a flop}, and the best hash ever!
The hash used leftover steak, pork chops, and roasted veggies heated gently in a skillet with a bit of added butter to loosen everything up.  No need to add any sauce, etc.....the original seasoning flavors the mix nicely.

VERDICT:  Use this idea for all different things in the hashbrown cups. 

I forgot to take a post baked picture of my other cooking adventure this weekend.
{because I was in a hurry}
  The batter was great, the smell and color fantastic.....the end result was.. well....
I should have baked it longer.
I seem to have patience problems when I'm waiting on a baked good to finish and I want to go somewhere.  The desire to leave overwhelmed me and I thought the tiny bit of batter on my toothpick was a strawberry that was a little mushy.  I left it in the pan {cause in my mind I kinda knew} to cool and didn't cut a piece until I returned.  The end was delicious but the middle was just plain under done. 

VERDICT:  Make again when I get a deal on strawberries and either make muffins or have no plans to go anywhere for at least a couple of hours.  Patience grasshopper :o)

Now on to the menu for this week...since I overloaded the beginning of this post with talk and pictures, I'll attempt to be less wordy.  

SUNDAY-Barbeque Pork Sandwiches on Ciabatta buns and leftover Roasted Veggies, Boiled Corn on the Cob

MONDAY-Eggplant Parmesan, Spaghetti for Tanner, Garlic Sauteed Green Beans, Garlic Bread

TUESDAY-Coconut Lime Grilled Chicken, Couscous, Okra and Tomatoes

WEDNESDAY-Dr. Pepper Chili Dogs, Curly Fries, Green Veggie {?}

THURSDAY-I just can't decide right I'll update ya later in the week.

FRIDAY-YOYO I don't usually cook on the weekend but if Ty comes home on Friday night then I'll be making something that he loves.  Spoil my baby a bit.

**dessert of the week**:

Blueberry Custard Pie | The Girl Who Ate Everything. A creamy blueberry custard topped with a sweet streusel.

Have a wonderful week and seriously try and stay cool.
It's hot out there!

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