Weekly Recipe Review

When you fill the taco shell with meat and cheese and bake it....something magical happens and turns a ho hum weeknight meal in to something special.  I prefer mine with just a little meat and cheese but stuff 'em full if that's what you like.

Parmesan Crusted Tilapia always hits the spot when paired with homemade tartar sauce.  A squeeze of fresh lemon juice along with some dried dill brightens the mayo based sauce. 

German Chocolate Bars  are a super simple delicious dessert that remind me of magic cookie bars.  Delish!
{Magic Cookie Bars play a serious role in my birthday week}

Dirty Rice with a dollop of greek yogurt and cayenne sprinkled over the top was a quick one pot meal with minimal dishes...Yay!

This is a family favorite which I CAN NOT photograph and make look even a tad bit appetizing.

Tanner has convinced me to make pepper jelly, and a friend from work has a garden with like 50 pepper plants....she is gladly sharing. {She's not a fan of spicy}  I'll be canning up a storm. {I'll need some practice...I've only done it like twice}  This said same girl is super experienced in canning so she'll be my go to for an emergency consultation, lol.

I varied from my meal plan just a little this week {mainly because of lingering illness} but that's okay...I used up some of my pantry items that need to be rotated {I also need to organize the pantry} but I still have a lot more.  I've come across some serious good deals over the last months, and you name it I've got it!  However, now I'm going to save some time and cash by using up all those good deals.  Next weeks menu plan and review ought to be very interesting...