Menu Plan Monday 6/22/15

Guess what?  I am still using items from my pantry to make meals with no major shopping done for two weeks.  This time my so called pantry challenge has been painless since there is only two of us eating at home.  Ty has relocated for his summer job and Tanner and I are less picky about foods.

Really what I'm saying is that Ty is picky and we are not.
This fact is a pain in my rear when I'm planning dinners {and he is home}.

Conclusion:  I have to finish the pantry challenge before he gets home so I don't constantly hear "I don't want that for dinner....Can we get wings/pizza/subs aka junk food.

Aaaah...the joys of having a picky eater with access to a car and a full bank account from working at a sleep away camp for 12 weeks. :p

I may have to purchase some meat, fruit, veggies, and lunch items but truly I won't need to purchase any of the accouterments {good word, huh?} until at least next week.
Oh, please don't let there be any sales that I can't pass up!  I'm a sucker for a bargain on items that we continuously use.

My favorite meal this week that I finally took my own picture of was the 1905 Columbia Salad {which I've been calling the 1805 Columbia is worth the effort}
Just be sure and use the correct amount of Worcestershire sauce or it can become overpowering.  Actually, if I was initially making this I would probably start out with half the amount.  You can always add more.

Okay, on to the plan for this week.  Sunshine and love y'all.


Happy Father's Day
{eating at Mom's and hanging with Dad}
Grilled Hamburgers
Potato Salad

Granny's Blueberry Cobbler
{I'm making this}
To Do:  Pack lunch, soak lentils, relax!


Cheesy Bacon Lentils
Leftover Green Salad
To Do:  Buy a rotisserie chicken from store and de-bone, freezing leftovers for future meals, pack lunch, put beef in the frig.


Korean Beef and Rice
Basmati Rice
Grilled Veggies
To Do:  Nothing, off tomorrow.

I'm not sure what I'll be making for the remainder of the week...I've been house sitting for some friends {or rather they have allowed me to use their house equipped with a beautiful pool} for this week.  Depending on what Tanner is doing will depend how much more I cook.  If it's just me, I will simply make a frozen enchilada meal with a fresh salad, quesadillas, or frozen pizza.
If Tan wants to eat with me though we will do mostly grilled items.  I'm dying to keep trying out the marinades I found at  I've already tried the Asian version {see my notes here} and only need fresh cilantro for the spicy southwest version  I'm certain the recipe won't disappoint.
Here are my ideas for the next couple of days.
Spicy Southwest Grilled Chicken Breasts
Slow Cooker Teriyaki Wings
 {I'll bake them extra extra crispy before letting them slow cook to heat through}

Have a great week!
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