Menu Plan Monday 5/18/2015 and Weekly Recipe Review

These are the beautiful flowers I was given for Mother's Day from my oldest son's girlfriend, Jesse, and they've stayed this fresh and pretty since last Sunday.  Flowers brighten a room so much don't you think?  
I know I've said this recently, but I have been cooking a lot of good stuff!  I'm not certain if it's inspiration {or that someone is eating my creations} or the luck of picking great recipes to try.  Shoot, it may just be that I've been hungry lol.  Whatever it is, I'm enjoying the creativity of cooking on a daily basis which is something I haven't done in quite some time. {due to surgery, a picky eater, and no one home to eat}

I will say my favorite thing that I made all of last week is this salad from Good Cheap Eats.  I have exceptionally good luck with the recipes I find on this site.  I know that the success of the recipe typically has a lot to do with the fact that your tastes {culinary} are similar.  Regardless look at the result..yum.
I didn't have any avocado...we ate them earlier in the week..and I didn't have strawberry jam....I used homemade cherry.... even so it was delicious!! I'm going to be making this weekly throughout the summer and I might even use it as a main course adding the suggested chicken for the top.

I skipped this recipe last week because the kids made a delicious dinner for me on Sunday {Mother's Day}..... so I'll carry it forward to this week.  I'm working over this weekend {really early} which means that I do a large amount of prep work for the menu at home since otherwise {if I went out somewhere} I would be sleep deprived.  Also a two hour special of When Calls the Heart is airing on the Hallmark channel on Saturday.....and yes I'm a geek and I'm totally planning my weekend around this.

Instead of adding the chicken to the salad {my most favorite ever...right now}, I decided to make this recipe instead as I have a hard time convincing my youngest that baby spinach is a viable option versus romaine {which is his one and only favorite for salads}.   We enjoyed this immensely and in fact when my oldest son said he was eating with his girlfriend's family.... and then I sent him pictures of the finished dish.  He quickly decided to come home and eat...that sure makes this "cooker" smile.

The other dish I made last week that stood out was a pesto pasta with ham sausage which one kid loved and the other kid thought was so-so.  I thought it was really tasty but depending on who is home at the time will determine whether or not I make it again. There wasn't a true recipe just one of my many pasta jumbles that I put together with bits and pieces from the frig. I bought the ham sausage when it was BOGO never having tried it before and everyone seems to like the flavor.  I just hope I can find it again.

We also made Maw Maw's Hamburger Surprise without the bacon {I forgot} and a family favorite of ours, Ham and Gruyere Quiche {I used ham sausage, swiss, and green onions}   We enjoyed them both and will frequently make some sort of rendition of these in the not so distant future.  Oh and I loved, loved, loved Mom's Macaroni Salad and will make this one my go to picnic food.

Here is what I'm planning for the next week, using what I have in my frig with again minimal shopping required...Yay!

Hummus Sesame Noodles
Grilled Chicken  or this marinade
Grilled Broccoli
To Do: Work, make blueberry cobbler using homemade self rising flour, put meatloaf in the frig, lay in the sun at Mamaw's, cook bacon, finish up any extra laundry.

Easy potato skins recipe via These potato rounds are topped with cheddar cheese, crumbled bacon bits and taste great topped with a little sour cream!
Easy Potato Skins or Baked Potatoes
Green Veggie
To Do:  nothing, pizza tomorrow

Roasted Garlic Margherita French Bread Pizza 
Thai Chicken Pizza on
I might use this dough.
Green Salad {it depends on which pizza I make}
To Do:  I honestly don't know.

Here are some of my ideas for the rest of the week.

These Cheesy Party Burgers are so fun! Great to serve to a crowd or just to make dinner fun. Perfect for parties because you can make them the night before and cook the next day. If you want to start the party, make these Cheesy Party Burgers!!

BBQ Chicken Pinwheel Bake

Baked Double Crunch Honey Garlic Chicken

Seriously I think that is enough...have a good week...sunshine and sunflowers for all.
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  1. Haha, I love your "to do: I honestly have no idea" haha

    I hear ya.

    1. Yep, honesty is the best policy lol..


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