Reviews and Pics and Stuff

I did exactly what I planned this past weekend with an added bonus of a get together with great friends on Friday night.  I cooked, shopped, went to the pharmacy, assisted with raking up the front flower bed, and even ironed my clothes.  My oldest son is a beast!  With 100% humidity and temperatures in the upper 80's I broke in to a full body sweat after I was outside for like two minutes.  My boy soldiered on while I ran to the store like it was nothing! Our beds needed way more work than we thought, so planting was out of the question on Sunday but....our house will be beautified before I know it. {I sure hope our momentum continues...we've been sidelined by heavy rain the last two days}.  

Here are a few pictures of the plants I bought and the before pics of my house.  I was lucky enough to have a wonderful friend who offered and pressure washed my house for such a reasonable amount I feel guilty....but it looks SO much better. 

My house with some of the plants laid out...I forgot to take a true before picture.
This tree will grow to about 8 feet quickly.  I want this to hide the electrical service wires that come from the utility pole.  What contractor does this?  
A camelia bush for in front of the garage.
Gardenias to fill in the bed.
Knock Out Roses for in front of my columns.
Border grass for the walkways.
Mexican petunia for I don't know where yet :)
I can't decide if I want to replant and keep this but I think I will for the side of the house.

My son called me from the laundry room to have me look at his superior stacking job after our dinner last night and I have to say, good job boy!
These are well loved pots and pans...nothing fancy but they work.

I also made some chicken stock for the freezer yesterday in my crock pot.  It's been a very long time since I've done that.  I freeze the stock in containers and defrost as least I know I won't have to buy any for the time being.

Here's what the humidity and sweat does to my hair...I'm not in the habit of taking selfies but my hair looked really crazy and I wanted my sister to see how I was following in her footsteps, lol.

Lastly, my friend in her floppy cruise hat that I helped to pick out.  I think there are some rabbit ears happening there.

I cooked the "meal of the week" the other night with absolutely no recipe.  I just flew by the seat of my pants and let the creative juices flow.  Hee, hee I made plain, old fashioned barbequed ham steaks (grilled with a small amount of sauce smeared over, then browned to a sticky glaze), scalloped potatoes, and steamed snap peas.  I also made some spice cupcakes that were delicious.  I'd say the best thing that has come from my "financial restriction" are the good foods that I have been cranking out of my kitchen.  My dishwasher is certainly getting used to its full potential and my list of "must try" recipes is getting shorter.  I am loosening the reins just a little bit this week {I still have a couple of unexpected medical bills to pay in full} and doing a bit bigger shop than I have for the last few weeks {The gas card is back, Yay!}.  I'm planning on making some sweets and other new recipes so I'll review those next week along with updated progress on the house planting project.