Regional Champs on our way to STATE!!!! (all exclamations are necessary)

We WON!!!  The top three players have been together for four years starting out as three freshman who made the top five players on a mostly senior dominated team.  Needless to say it has taken some hard work and cultivation to get these kids to where they are now, but this Momma is so proud I can hardly stand it!  

I want to express my gratitude to the gentleman pictured below with my boy.  He has offered unwavering support for my child and has treated him like a son during difficult times.  He was and is a source of constant support and all round cheerleader for the team and parents.  He has been interested and involved in the lives of all of his players and never forgets to communicate amusing anecdotes that a parent might not hear from their kids.  We love you Coach William Cherry. 

Coach Cherry absolutely insisted we get this picture and I'm so glad I did

The whole team, hamming it up for for numerous picture takers

The top to watch these guys play

Tennis is such an individual sport and a super quiet one.  Unless you are paying close, close attention you can get completely lost on who's where and the score is what.  I typically like to attend matches by myself so I don't get distracted by talking to others which is completely my chatty self's fault.  I'm so hoping that the State tournament has a shady quiet spot in view of the court my boy's will be playing.....or I'll never know what's going on, lol.

Keep your fingers crossed and if you will say a quick prayer for these guys that they might perform their best in the finals.