Recipe Reviews and Stuff

I've been cooking. a. lot. lately.  

I'm on financial restriction :( so I have to.

On the upside though, I have come across some really delicious recipes that my peeps are wild about.  The compliments they keep giving me are making me want to do more.  Hey, have my kids learned reverse psychology?  I might have been played, lol.

Here are those recipes which have garnered the most attention over the last few days. Some are familiar and have been made before and some haven't.  Any way you look at it though, we've been eating some tasty treats.

I didn't use bacon or any pork product for that matter.  A chopped rotisserie chicken breast served as the meat in this dish.  The bay leaf seems to make all the difference in the depth of flavor in this one especially since I never was a fan of leaves in my food 
(childhood trauma from a Mom who forgot to remove them)
It really just seems to too simple to taste so good!  Reminder: soaking the lentils is much easier on the digestive system and decreases the cooking time.

This stuff could seriously be eaten on a flip flop and still be my favorite snack/dip ever!  However I changed it up a bit for the "pool's open for the season" aka Sunday Funday, party.
I had previously made some taco meat with organic ground chicken breast that I found on sale at my local grocery store.  I followed all of the steps for the base of the queso and then added the defrosted taco meat and a little extra half and half to reach the desired consistency.  I omitted the fresh cilantro because I thought that most of my friends weren't fans...turns out I was wrong.  The funny thing is that a couple of people told me they particularly liked the meat which made me sigh with relief, since I hadn't tasted the dish after preparing.   The chicken has a mild flavor which complimented the cheese sauce well.  To be honest, I hadn't ever tasted ground chicken before and I was pleasantly surprised.

This is an old family favorite that I have a serious tendency to improvise upon.  Recently one of the girls that I work with expressed an interest in this after I heated up a smidge of the leftovers for my lunch in our office.  Since she wanted the recipe and a taste before she experimented, I decided to make the recipe as it is written and I almost succeeded,lol. 
(I only added chopped yellow peppers when I was browning the onions and sausage) 
When my son tasted the finished product he said "This is the best one you've ever made Mom".  Imagine...I actually followed the recipe closely.  
I brought the finished product to my friend at work and she has already made a grocery list and plans to make this over the coming weekend after shopping.  All of these words to say...just make this already :o) 

Ziti Stuffed Peppers are waiting to be popped in the oven when I get home tonight and although I seriously substituted numerous ingredients I think it might be a winner.
I'll let you know.