Menu Plan Monday 4/27/15

Hi, my name is Tabby and I'm still on financial restriction.  This means that I'm cooking nightly and doing dishes by the sink full!  I still have to shop for lunch and fresh items but besides that we are using what we have.  I posted a recipe review last week that detailed some of our favorite recent recipes with a promise to post a review on these stuffed peppers.  Unfortunately, they were so-so but my love to experiment, confabulate, and substitute probably screwed up the result {I should have stuck with the plan}.  Again....I was using what I had available at the time. Most instances it works, sometimes it doesn't.
Since our propane tank has been empty since last summer we haven't cooked much on the grill.  That's changing this week because my oldest son got it filled for me over the weekend. I certainly hope the ignition button still works....singed eyebrows aren't a good look for me...don't ask me how I know.

Hope your week is sunshine and roses.

no one is home to eat
To Do:  Shop ??

Chili Dog (photo)
Grilled Artichokes
To Do: Plant Nursery to beautify my home. Make pizza dough in the bread machine or mixer?? Grate cheese. Clean the kitchen :(  Then watch the two hour season premiere of When Calls The Heart :)

southwest chickenpizza
Green Salad
To Do:  Prepare tartar sauce, wash and cut asparagus, working in yard

  Crispy Breaded Tilapia with Classic Tartar Sauce Recipe
Parmesan Crusted Tilapia
Homemade Tartar Sauce
Roasted Asparagus or Green Beans
To Do:  Put ham in frig

Scalloped Potatoes
Asparagus or Green Beans
To Do:  

Blueberry Walnut Coffee Cake
{I need to use up last year's berries before picking more}

Something Green!
To Do:  Nothing, quick and easy pasta

Spicy Tomato Cream Pasta
{I still haven't made this}
Garlic Bread
To Do:  Nothing, not cooking tomorrow!

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  1. Unique ideas. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Grilled Chili Dogs! Yumm :) Thanks for Sharing!

  3. Wow! This menu looks great. I am going to pin the Tilapia recipe - I love finding new ways to prepare fish. Found you from Orgjunkie!


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