Ta Da!

Yes, yes I did......I made two things off of my list and tonight I'm making another so....Ha!  I can do it and I'm not being too much of a loser this week.

Horrible pictures but proof that I did indeed make the Banana Bread Brownies that I wanted so badly.
I thought that they were well...decadent....and the bread part had a lovely flavor, but the icing was so sweet I slipped in to a diabetic coma the moment I finished chewing.  Let's just say that I would top these with a lemon infused cream cheese icing, if any at all.  I think the best part though was the length of time to cook the "brownie" part was only 20 minutes so from now on we will have banana bread in a brownie pan.

I also made the Spicy Sausage Pasta meal.  That one is a tried and true recipe that we love, and doesn't require even reading the recipe.
No pictures though, so maybe I do resemble a loser just a wee bit.