Part II "The I swear I'm making this as soon as I get home" recipe review

I had another successful weekend/weekday of cooking some of the recipes that I obsessively save every time I look at the internet.  Here's my thoughts..........

Queso Fundido Recipe
I made this for the Superbowl party that I went was okay but not necessarily worth the amount that the ingredients cost me.  I used hot Italian sausage and pepper jack cheese and followed the instructions exactly but I felt like it needed something although I'm not sure what.  Recipes at are usually ones I go back to over and over but this one I'll need to adjust to our tastes if I make it again.  So a thumbs down for this for us.

We liked this, we really did and when I'm in the mood for a special hamburger this will be my new "go to" recipe.  I wasn't able to follow the recipe exactly since for some reason I threw out the horseradish last week :(  Instead, I used dijon mustard as a substitute which worked out well.  I must have liked it...I ate two, lol.


I made this exactly according to the recipe but browned the roast on all sides prior to putting it in the oven.  It was ok....if I'm going to make a slow cooked pork roast I'll make this recipe which has always turned out to be super tasty.

The Roasted Broccoli Carbonara was delicious in my opinion but I only got a shrug from the youngest kiddo.  Since it makes a pretty large portion and is somewhat involved I won't make this one again since the leftovers will be overwhelming.  Pet peeve alert!

My BFF has been wanting some Chicken and Dumplings so I surprised her and took her a portion to eat now and one for the freezer.

The Bloomin' Apples I didn't take the time to cut them correctly but...I actually remembered to put the butter and sugar on top.  Seriously I think I can live without the sweet topping.  They are tasty though.

The Avocado White Bean Salad is a hit with everyone in the house so I'll continue to make some version of this to add a healthier side item for lunches.  This is completely "fuss" free {especially if you mix everything including the vinaigrette in one bowl}

I also cut up three packages of strawberries and packaged them in individual servings to grab quickly when needed.  This was a true cooking week for me!

Over the next few days if inspiration hits, I still plan to make:

I've decided to put the Crispy Coconut and Scallion Breaded Chicken on the back burner or at least wait until the weekend to try this.  I haven't been in the mood to deal with raw chicken.

Wow, for someone who was intending to only try a few new things...I have been acting like an overachiever, lol.  


  1. Your BFF is a fan.... shredded chicken much better but was so very happy with anything!!!!


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