Menu Plan Monday 2/9/15

Okay, my overachieving self realized today that I want an easy week of cooking.  We have tennis matches that aren't at home for two days and I'm sure my boys {well, young men} are working and busy with activities away from the house.

What this means is that I'm going to have to prep well over the weekend or I'm gonna have to listen to "There's nothing to eat Mom....." {darn whiny hinys}.  Since I want to eat too, I'll cook.  Yep, right after I complete the shelving/clean out project for my pots and pans.  This week at Aldi I found expandable shelving that will make organization much simpler for my pots and pans in the large cupboards where I store them.  I'll take some pictures :)  That garage sale to get rid of all this extra stuff is getting closer and closer.

1.  Banana Bread Brownies (Bringing to work)
2.  Chop peppers and onions and make Carne Asada marinade.(If I'm not making today will mix and leave separately and marinate the steak the night before)
3.  Thaw chicken and make Crispy Coconut and Scallion Breaded Chicken Cutlets (maybe for freezer)

40 Clove Chicken
Easy Ricotta Gnocchi with red sauce
(Depends on my mood....don't want to be tied down to the kitchen, lol)

Crispy Coconut and Scallion Breaded Chicken
Green Veggie
To Do:  Nothing, this is a pre made meal because I'll be heading home after a tennis match that is basically completely across the county for me.

PHILADELPHIA Quick Pasta Carbonara recipe
Quick Pasta Carbonara
Green Salad
To Do:  Nothing, off tomorrow

Carne Asada Marinated Sirloin Steak and  Peppers
Carne Asada Beef
Either Baked Apples or Rice Pudding

This worked brilliantly last week...and since there is a tennis match today I won't have to clean up the dishes when I want to be watching Grey's Anatomy! Put hamburger in the frig.


Korean Beef and Rice

Now that I've made this plan, I realize that all of my recipes are new and I might have lost my mind since I didn't want to cook too much this week.  Maybe it will get done, maybe not.  Either way I'm posting reviews since I've never made these before and I don't want to lose the recipes if we like them.  Have a great week and hop over to for lots of other menus and the source of my "I have to make this as soon as I get home" recipes.