Menu Plan Monday 2/2/15

So the Superbowl is over and can I say that I ate lots and lots of junk yesterday that can't be good for me.  Not even considering the fact that it could cause pants zipper breakage.

Last week's meals and "I swear I'm gonna make this as soon as I get home" recipes were a success. One thing I didn't post anything about were the roasted veggies that I made on Wednesday evening.  I looked in my crisper drawer and discovered that I had numerous things that needed to be cooked unless I wanted to throw them away {like putting dollars in the trash can}.  The best way to deal with this conundrum in my opinion is to roast 'em up. Carrots, broccoli, onion, and peppers seasoned simply and stirred together with olive oil are delightful.  There are never any leftovers to deal with when I make these.

Unfortunately, I'm headed to grocery store for some meat since we're running low....I don't really want to spend the money but only having the option for turkey smoked sausage gets a little old for sure.  I won't be buying any packaged items because I'm determined to use up what's left {and it's a lot} in my pantry.

This weeks star recipes plucked from my massive amount of saved ones are going to be:
1.  World's Favorite Hamburgers (actually made these Friday night on last week's)
2.  Queso Fundido--For the Superbowl party
3.  Creamy Garlic Noodles (with the hamburgers on Friday)
4.  Crispy Coconut and Scallion Breaded Cutlets (have extra coconut I need to use)
5.  Mini Cannoli Cups (believe it or not, I have all of these ingredients, lol)
6.  Spicy Chipotle Roast

Sandwich Night
Cheddar Bacon Ranch Pinwheels, tortillas filled with ranch flavored cream cheese, bacon, cheese and more! -
Chicken Bacon Sub
Barbeque Ranch Salad
(Recurring bacon theme...need to use it up)
To Do:  Set up the roast and remind a boy to put it in the oven, make the coconut cutlets

Sauteed Okra
(repeat...keep forgetting to make it)
To Do:  Nothing, pasta night tomorrow!

Roasted Broccoli Carbonara
(do you detect a bacon theme this week?)
Homemade Bread
To Do:  Nothing, tomorrow is leftover night

I'm trying to make a little extra each night to let us have a "free" night from cooking and cleaning the kitchen.....but as soon as I plan that, leftovers will become supremely popular and be eaten for lunches by my boys I'm sure.
To Do:  Nothing, some sort of quick and easy for tomorrow night.


Even though I'm trying to clear out the pantry, I don't want excessive waste which seems to happen if I cook too much.  I really hate to throw out good food that has spoiled...a serious pet peeve for me.  

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