With a little determination

I can still stick to a menu plan (YAY for me), and.....I can still rock it out on preparing a lot of things for the week in a short amount of time.  The soccer game was cancelled due to inclement weather last night so I used the time to run to the grocery store and prep some meals for the week.  My shopping list became a little larger because the store that I frequent had a few things that I wanted but didn't necessarily need.  I didn't buy buttermilk (I used the vinegar method) but I bought two packages of "store ground" ground beef.  The beef is so popular that usually they are sold out by the time I get to there.  This time I was lucky and able to score two one pound packages, so of course I had to make something with them.  I made a meatloaf and hamburgers for the freezer and browned about 1/2 of a package for the sloppy joe casserole (I halved the recipe).  Like I said in my Monday post, I'm now only cooking for two full time eaters so I'm learning to scale down portions.  I also have one of the packages of chicken breasts that were BOGO marinating in the buttermilk for this recipe.  I'm going to have to cook tomorrow night because our family can't seem to coordinate schedules to get together to celebrate my son's birthday.....everyone is so busy!
I know it's a little late for resolutions but life has significantly changed for me and I am committed to making things work better in 2015!  Specifically "stuff"is what I will be working on this month. I plan to purge and sell everything that has a memory (good or bad) attached.  This includes clothing, furniture, holiday decorations, cars, appliances, etc. etc.   To keep myself on track and accountable, lots of pictures will be appearing here.  As determined as I feel right now, the decision to do this has been a difficult but absolutely necessary one.  Wish me luck and a never ending box of Kleenex.