Menu Plan Monday 1/26/15

I'm finding it hard to believe that the month of January in the year 2015 is almost over.  I know everyone makes similar statements but seriously, before I know it Christmas will be here again.  Yes, I'm going to have an organized Christmas this year and I'm starting my shopping in August.  This past year was a disaster due to my surgery and prolonged recovery and the last thing I could imagine was being in a crowded shopping mall, much less grappling with a million people {a little exaggeration} on Black Friday. Thank God for Amazon!
Wow, that was a tangent I veered off to......back to the menu for this upcoming week.  Most of the dishes I had planned for last week never were eaten because of sporting events, work, and birthday celebrations. {HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM}  However, we ate things from the frig and freezer and the ever popular "cereal for dinner" when we weren't celebrating or watching soccer.  Needless to say there will be a few repeats this week.
Even though we didn't do much cooking, we did make the baked egg rolls recipe that I normally cook in the oven.  I usually spray them with a little oil to crisp up the wonton wrappers.  However, they were even more delicious when my son pan fried them.  Dunking them in a sriracha based sauce made them even better!  I highly recommend this recipe because they freeze extraordinarily well and regardless of the cooking method make for a quick, tasty meal on any night. As a matter of fact I have some wrappers that need to be used so I'm thinking I'll make another batch for the freezer this weekend.  I also received a bread maker for Christmas and I'm hoping to try it out over Saturday and Sunday.  Since we haven't used up all of pantry or freezer items, we are still aren't shopping for anything but lunch stuff.  It's amazing how much I have saved over the last 2-3 weeks just by using what I already have.

Baked Macaroni and Cheese
Sauteed Okra
To Do:  Set up the crockpot and the bread maker for tomorrow.

Lentil Soup with Ham
To Do:  Nothing, eating out of the freezer tomorrow.

Rice a Roni
Sliced Lettuce and Tomatoes
To Do:  Nothing, I'm off tomorrow and don't have any appointments....I'm staying home to organize, cook, and clean.

{I 'm not sure what I'll make with this, hopefully inspiration will strike}
To Do:  Set up new year {a little late} filing system, shred some old records, change shower curtain liner, etc

Frozen Veggie


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  1. Your menu looks great! I need to try the 40 clove chicken - sounds like something my crew would love. I hopped over from Menu Plan Monday. Have a great day!


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