Menu Plan Monday 1/19/15

{Shh, I'm definitely whispering this but...} I wanted to let you know that the pantry challenge and effort to use up dry goods is going great!  I'v resisted the urge to stop by the store to add one more thing to the list of ingredients.....I've substituted successfully and Tabbyfied my recipes, and most importantly, I have cooked like every night. {and cleaned up, and emptied the dishwasher which I don't like :( }

I don't think there was one new recipe that we didn't care for, and all are fair game to be added to our rotation.  The Sloppy Joe Casserole was so simple that I'll throw that together whenever we need something quick.  Actually I browned and mixed the meat portion and put it in the frig the night before and added the tots and extra cheese right before baking.  Since the base was cold I increased the cooking time to 40 minutes and out came a bubbly, cheesy delight.  Like I posted last week, the Baked Fried Chicken is really worth the extra effort.  I didn't want to buy cornflakes so I used rice krispies {already in my pantry} for the coating.  The marinade called for hot sauce and all I had was Sriracha which turned out to be quite feel free to improvise with this one.  Eggplant Stacks aren't new to us but I forget every time how much we love this dish.  I'm so making this again soon.

Now, I only have to plan one or two more weeks with what I have in the freezer. Seriously, this won't be too difficult since I unexpectedly picked up the hamburger and chicken last week.  I'm only cooking for two eaters which means no leftovers so I'll still have to shop for my for lunches. Keep your fingers crossed that I can resist temptation to buy any deals that I see.

Just a FYI, my youngest son works about twelve hours every Saturday and always needs me to bring him breakfast/lunch {as it would never cross his mind to plan the night before..not a Type A for sure} so I'm going to make this recipe for him and as a bonus use up one package of the hashbrowns in the freezer.  Shoot, I might even use up some of the ham that's in there too.

2--Smoked Sausage Rings
3--Chicken Breasts
1--package chopped ham
2--Pizza Crusts
1--Garlic Bread
1/2 Bag--Tater Tots

Too much to list {even still}

Refried Bean Soup Recipe
Refried Bean Soup

Lentil Soup
To Do:  Put meatloaf in frig.

Mashed Potatoes
Roasted Broccoli
To Do:  Chop remaining meatloaf and hide it for pizza on Thursday, grate cheese for tomorrow.


Baked Mac and Cheese
Sauteed Okra
To Do:  Put sausage ring in the frig


Spicy Sausage Pasta
Frozen Veggie
To Do:  Nothing, tomorrow is Friday.


I might switch some days around depending on our soccer schedule this week but this is my plan and I'm sticking to it!

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