I'm cooking through my "I swear I'm making this as soon as I get home" list, Part I

I do it all the time.  You probably do too.  I read and surf out in blog land and websites that have gorgeous photography and calorie laden dishes and since I'm usually hungry or bored at the time, I say to myself "I'm making this TONIGHT".  Then I go home and sit in my chair for a minute then get up and make what I actually planned for that night.  This is all well and good but.....I really want to make those recipes and to be honest, I really want to eat those recipes.  Now when it comes time to plan my menu on Sunday, I'm like all responsible and thrifty and just want to plan something affordable and easy for a weeknight.  With the amount of saved recipes I have this is going to take forever but I'm gonna try and pick a couple from my ever growing list to make each week.  Most of the recipes call for simple affordable ingredients but for my budget conscious self I'll attempt to coordinate some of the pricier ingredients with a sale.  These are the things I'm adding in this week.

And this week's winners are.....
Bloomin Baked Apples
{I plan to make this Wednesday on my day off since I found caramels in my pantry}

Refried Bean Soup Recipe
{Okay so most peeps wouldn't be excited about this but...no judgin', right?}

LOVE this Ham & Cheese Gnocchi!! It's kinda like a dreamy baked mac and cheese, but way more grown up and a MILLION times more decadent. Plus it all cooks in one skillet and can be made in 15 mins or less. AMAZING delicious easy dinner!!
and the most excellent cheesy dish for the week goes to...
{exchanging for Monday's plain ole mac and cheese}

Taco Frito Flatbread Pizza | Melanie Makes melaniemakes.com
and who knows maybe this too depending on my motivation level this week.  I don't want to shoot too high but this would be delicious with the soup I listed, wouldn't it? Uh Huh!

I'll report back and try really hard to snap some passable pictures of the results.  So dorky but I'm excited to get started.